Mobile phone retail store design for Vivo | CMdesign

2020-05-29 120

The new concept of Vivo store design

With the vivo new concept of integration into the scene in order to reconstruct the interactive relationship between consumers and vivo, the “Mobile Theatre” experience center opened as a new appearance in Shanghai at the beginning of 2017. The experience center made the store no longer satisfy consumers that only buy a mobile and leave, but enhance the brand viscosity between consumers and vivo instead as much as possible in order to form a new consumption relationship in a new-retail generation.

6 upgraded scenes which allowed consumers to use the time on nice experience, including annular experience street, Hi-Fi music column, vivo mobile phone 4S service station, ‘friends of time’ book bar, the forest of vivo innovation, and club area of vivo fans. This vivo experience center has become a high end experienced field of fashion for many young people.

The scale change of furniture conforms to the ergonomic scale of Asians in terms of width and height, so that consumers can feel the affinity of space for the brand because of the comfort during use. In this process, we also need to balance the excessive distance and effective affinity generated by this position by finding the most suitable scale at both ends of the display.

In the selection of furniture for the accessory wall that is more intimately interacting with people, we choose wood material. The wood improves the sense of coldness and distance caused by metal materials and enhances the sense of gentleness and friendliness.