Beverage store design for Wong Lo Kat flagship | CMdesign

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Wong Lo Kat” is the Cantonese transliteration of its name in Chinese characters. Wong Lo Kat originated in 1828 during the Qing Dynasty in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces of China, founded by a doctor Wong Chat Bong. Because the Wong family was the inventor of herbal tea brewing in southern China, the brand is synonymous with this type of drink. The recipe has been passed down through multiple generations to today’s tea culture. As a Chinese-famous brand of drink, Wong Lo Kat continues expanding. CMdesign has worked with the brand in 2018, providing the Experience store design. The design combines traditional Chinese elements for delivering a great retail experience harmonized with the built environment. CMdesign incorporated made-to-order furniture and custom artwork to give each location a sense of connection to the traditional Chinese culture while providing a consistent experience for customers that wholly embodies the values of the Wong Lo Kat brand.